References & Clients

A few comments from our clients. 

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adidas AG
Sven. Moser
SVP Global Whole Sales

" The good thing was that we not only had a good time during the trainings, but you could see a sustainable improvement of our business results. "

Expert International Retail
Jens Strømnes
Managing Director

" Engaging. Insightful. Innovative – with immediate impact. Having had the privilege to work with Dan several times over several years, I see not only the impact Dan and his black sheep approach has had on me finding out who I am as a presenter, but I also see how he empowers people to become more confident and impactful presenters – regardless of the level of experience. Whether you are starting out and about to deliver your first big presentation, or working on C-level having already delivered hundreds of presentations – he will get you out of your comfort zone - before quickly helping you redefine it to make you deliver your message better! "

Daimler AG
Daniela Franke
People and Processes

" Don‘t expect to think the same as before, after collaborating with Dan! His nature is absolutely motivating and mind blowing. I worked on Storytelling with him and it was so much fun. Every single meeting forced me to make notes, because I did not want to forget one single thing he talked about. He is an absolute expert and I recognized a complete mindset change on all levels! Thanks Dan for this great experience! "

Adobe XD
John Farmer
Director of Engineering

" Dan's the best. I saw immediate results after attending his presentation workshop and consider it one of my best career investments. I highly recommend Dan's work for anyone that wants to engage and inspire large audiences or executive staff. "

David Wells, Global Category Director - Running

" I have been fortunate to have benefitted from a number of different training sessions with Dan. He is larger than life and his passion for development and learning are infectious. Dan has a great ability to inspire and also listen to refine techniques and skills. His storytelling and approach has challenged my and as a result transformed by presentation skills. I can highly recommend Dan and look forward to working with him in the future. "